YUBSB Battery Company’s core values focus on our commitment to developing innovative environmentally friendly energy storage solutions
that effectively meet customer needs and serve the global community at large

Storage Battery Solutions

Lithium LI-ION BatterySolutions


Since YUBSB’s establishment in 1999 as manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, Car batteries, and Lithium batteries (LI-ION).

Sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries come in a range of shapes, voltages, amperages and sizes。 Rechargeable and maintenance free, SLAs power a vast array of devices and equipment。 Our general purpose, high rate, deep ycle and fire and security lines in 2V to 48V and 2 to 100 AH ensure you have the right battery for every need。

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All materials in Li-ion battery are environmental friendly without poison, heavy metal and certified by ROHS。 Throughout the process of production and use, lithium battery will not pollute the environment。 Lithium battery is considered green battery worldwide which can totally replace the lead-acid battery and nickel cadmium battery。

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